Sunday, May 29, 2011

Patriotic 2x4 decor

I made these. The blue is 6-3/4 inches. The red and white pieces are 5 inches. I only used one coat of paint because I liked the grain showing through. I didn't do a good job at keeping my stars the same size. They start out small and get bigger and bigger. Oh well. I still like it.

Owl Cabinet

SOLD Not a good pic but it is a dark dreary day here in MT. I had to use the flash. I will get a better pic when the sun is shining on Tuesday. This is approx. 16x22x6. The sides and inside and bottom are green. The owl is wood burned.
I like the way he did the pinecone cabinet better. With the door set in, so you can see the green. I think he can add the pieces of wood around the edge to the pinecone one. I really like that.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flowers for Sharon

Sharon, here are your flowers. I love the polka dot ones!

My Gardening Decor

I bought a couple of 2x4's and am making some decor. I even used the chop saw for the first time!

The sides and back are my free sample of Valspar paint. It is Boxwood. It's such a pretty color.

Close up of the flowers. Oh yeah! I used the wood burner for the first time too.

Patriotic Wall Hangings

Pinecone cabinet

This cabinet is 16" by 22" and 5" deep. It's really pretty.

Rooster Signs

I love these!

Bee Sign

Here's what Bryon did with the bees.

Chicken Crossing

SOLD We made two of these signs for our neighbors whose chickens like playing in the road.

Tote Bag and Purse

These saw alot of my seam ripper. I kept sitting them aside and doing other things. I finally sat down and fixed them but they still aren't quite right. You can see the pleat in the tote bag, that isn't supposed to be there. I might use these as carry on since the purse fits inside.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tractor sign

Sharon, this is for you and Bill if you want it. We think you'll get a kick out of it. Bryon took the whole door off for me to take pics. The John Deere is behind the door in the

More wood decor


Praying hands

Welcome sign

Fishing pole and fish welcome sign.

Patriotic Decor

United we stand eagle and a frog holding a flag.

"No Fishing" Dock

Someone didn't see the sign because it is facing the wrong way. This is really cute. I love the little Hills Brothers coffee can. It reminds me of A River Runs Through It.

Bunting Birthday Card

This is the card I made for Ashley's birthday. I love how it turned out. Who doesn't love buntings? The text is hand sewn. I wrote it on with pencil, poked holes in it and sewed with embroidery floss. I learned not to get my holes too close together or it rips the paper. I had the little yoyo flower just laying around so I stuck it on there too.

Fabric flower hair clips

These are another that are very easy to make. Bryon loves the camo one.

Hair clips

Yo-yo's. These are so fun to make. And they will look cute in any girls hair.

Bees and Butterflies

These will probably be added to some garden signs or something.