Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful blog review

I was chicken to join this blog hop, but I'm just going to take the plunge.
I started this blog for a place to keep all of our projects together. I started out with just posts of a lot of pictures. Now I am trying to get into a post a day and want to start doing tutes. I haven't paid attention to if I still have more than one button for certain things. If I do it is something I am aware of and you don't have to mention if you don't want to. OK. I'm going back to Gail's and posting this.
I just noticed my blog list isn't under my header for blog list. If someone can tell me how to fix that I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Christmas gifts

Christmas presents

I know this is terribly late but they were in the Christmas folder and I forgot about them. I had a very froggy Christmas because Bryon was having fun with his band saw:). The last 3 are my feeder. It is up on the railing now. I need to get a better pic of it.

Fish decor

Boat shelf

Here is my boat shelf. Bryon is going to make a big one soon. He also has a sleigh in the works. Can't wait to see them when he is done.

fly box and a jewelry box

These two boxes are made from the heart of one our dead pines. The wood is much prettier in real life.

Sled shelf

The top one is the finished sled but it is a horrible pic. The shelves aren't attached yet in the second pic, but it is a better shot of the sled.

Barrel planter

Here is the planter Bryon made. We put some fake leaves in it to see what it would look like with plants.

Bryon's wood creations

The first is made out of a pallet. Bryon made these to store my mason jars. The second has a bin for onions. No more onions laying on the counter:).

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines deco

I made my wreath yesterday and my love letters last week.

Our Nest Sign

I finished this sign yesterday morning. I found my inspiration quite a while ago and can't remember who it was. I know I tried to win it.

Creating with ribbon and zippers

I made my very first hairbow and a zipper flower. I pinned the flower to my handbag. I just love it. I'm still not sure how to link back to the tutorial. I used Sumo's Sweet Stuff tutes. You can find them on her sidebar.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello. We have been making things. I just haven't taken pics yet. I do have a picture of Bryon's fish he made so I will post that. I made a plastic bag holder and a sewing machine cover ( will not be posting a pic of that one, just a cover, it's not lined or anything). Next will be a cozy for my flat iron.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my 2 followers :)
One of my new years resolutions is to remember to take pics during the process of a project. That is going to be hard since I have such a baaaaddd memory...haha. I forgot to take pics of everything I made for Christmas gifts. I blame that on Bryon since he was in a hurry a get the packages out the door. I have a t-shirt that says "I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you". Totally fitting!
Resolution #2 is to post at least once a day.