Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabric Flower Wreath

I think the front is soooo pretty, but the back is ugly. I followed a tute that used a hanger and glued pieces of cardstock onto it. I think the next time I will use a cardboard back wrapped in fabric. I had all of the fabric scraps leftover from a purse I made. So it was free to make this wreath.
Of course I deleted the tute and can't remember who post it. I also forget where I got the little birdies. I printed them out on cardstock. The whole thing is hot glued.

It is made with twisted rolled flowers, accordion flowers and a couple I just made up to fill in spaces. You can see the one under the bird with the font on it, and another in the last pic with the blue button on it. I really like this.


Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Very pretty! Love it. I know there is a tutorial on Alisa Burke's site for how to make a wreath like this. Maybe that's where you saw it? I will send you a link if you don't have it.

Judy said...

Very cute blog, Marilyn! Love all your wood stuff, especially the boat shelves. I think my grandson would love to come and see you and all the animals near you! Maybe the next time he makes Mema mad I'll ship him up there for a while! lol - that definitely would not be a punishment for him though, just one for me with him being away.

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